PGH Next Bus is now unsupported and has been removed from app stores. Please use one of the many lovely apps that integrate Port Authority data, such as BusGazer, PAT Track, or Transit.

Back in 2014, there were no friendly mobile apps that used Port Authority realtime data. As a busy student, I tried to fill the gap, but now there are many commercially supported options that make full use of the data. Because of this, I'm no longer supporting the app. The underlying Python module, pgh-bustime, is still available on GitHub and is open source. It allows you to develop servers and applications that use the Port Authority bustime API.

Thank you for your continued support!

Pittsburgh Next Bus

Wondering when the next bus home is? Want to see what's coming next at the nearest stop? Use PGH Next Bus to speed your commute, make your trips easier, and save yourself from waiting out in the cold.