Other academic activity that doesn’t quite fit under the “research” category.


Measurement of the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), 2019. Nathaniel Fruchter. Preprint.

Driving Security and Accountability in a Smart Singapore, 2018-07-20. Wajeeha Ahmad, Nathaniel Fruchter, Marc Gallet, Peilan He, Jan-Aurel Pfister, Bryan Phee, Yuwen Zhang. STP Seminar on the Future of Work, Singapore-ETH Centre.

Facebook/Cambridge Analytica: Privacy lessons and a way forward, 2018-03-20. Written with Michael Specter and Ben Yuan.

(Mentions: one, two).


Net.info (MIT CSAIL, ANA)

I helped prototype parts of Net.info, a provider-to-subscriber secure messaging channel for internet service providers and their customers. The underlying technical architecture is based on a defined RESTful API with local and global pointers to Net.info servers signed into the DNSSEC tree.

Leak Detector (CMU HCII, CoEx Lab)

I helped architect and implement Leak Detector, a utility that helps users understand what information could be exposed to others on an insecure network. The tool produces near-realtime reports about high-level user network activity based on the Bro network log analyzer.

Selected coursework

Police geolocation legislative proposal

Model Federal legislation regulating law enforcement use of geolocation data. With Charlie Bell and Sabrina McCubbin (Georgetown Law) and Olamide Oladeji (MIT) for 6.S978 Privacy Legislation in Practice: Law and Technology.

Federal data breach policy proposal

A historical overview and policy proposal for a U.S. Federal data breach policy. With Madeleine Barowsky (Wellesley) and Elizabeth Dethy (MIT) for 6.805 Foundations of Information Policy.


I helped design, prototype, and implement a mobile, on-demand tutoring app for a semester long class project at Carnegie Mellon.

Music transcription

A Python final project for CMU’s 15-112 class that transcribes heard audio into sheet music with decent accuracy.