Selected projects from personal and (prior) academic life.

MIT Policy Hackathon

Policy hackathon logo

I helped found and organize the MIT Policy Hackathon, a one of a kind event which brought data science and policy students together to tackle public interest challenges. Our first event, Data to Decisions, was held in Spring 2018. The second event was held in October 2018 as part of Boston’s HUBweek. It’s now an official, annual event sponsored by MIT’s IDSS.

(Press: one, two), three

Net neutrality comment analysis

I examined all (20 million+) comments from the FCC’s comment filing system to learn more about fake comment filing practices on both sides of the net neutrality debate. I also wrote about it: post one, follow-up.

(Press: one, two).

PGH Next Bus

I wrote the very first mobile app for tracking busses in Pittsburgh, PA. I also made a companion Python API for the service. It was first to market in PGH, 10K+ installs in App Store and Play Store. (No longer maintained.)

ACM Code of Ethics poster

Ethics are important! I created a poster version of the ACM Code of Ethics for computing professionals and it got blessed by @ACMEthics.

Web toys and one-off sites

Displays current flight delay data, air traffic issues, and airport ground stops in a mobile-friendly format. Based on the US national airspace status API.

“T Access” Web Tool

I created a tool that helps Green Line riders in Boston with accessibility needs figure out where to board at stations.

Where is the new train?

A one-off site that tells you where the MBTA’s new Green Line train is running


Generate fun text for memes.

Smaller projects + code

Boston transit data

I always find data sets on public transit interesting to play with. For example, I visualized incidents on Boston’s Red Line in 2016.

Thistle yearbook

The Thistle was founded in 1901, just one year after Andrew Carnegie founded the Carnegie Technical Schools for the youth of Pittsburgh. I was editor-in-chief (2015-16) and photo editor (2014-15).

Crisis @ CMU Model UN conference

Back in 2013, I helped found and run a unique Model United Nations conference hosted at Carnegie Mellon for high school participants. I helped plan logistics, sessions, and acted as staff for the conference’s first 3 iterations.