At MIT, I worked in the Internet Policy Research Initiative and the Advanced Network Architecture group within CSAIL. I was advised by the wonderful Dr. David Clark with significant support from Dr. Steven Bauer.

At Carnegie Mellon, I was associated with the Connected Experience Lab led by Prof. Laura Dabbish within the HCII.


ISP notification schemes
How have prior efforts to notify users of security incidents stacked up? What can we learn from them?

Fruchter, N. Enhancing ISP-consumer security notifications. (2019) MIT master’s thesis.

Fruchter, N. and Bauer, S. Consumer-ISP Security Notification and Remediation Strategies: An International Analysis. (2018) Presented at TPRC46.

What’s in an explanation?
How do we close the gap between the questions society is asking and the answers that explanatory AI systems are providing?

Gilpin, L., Testart, C., Fruchter, N., and Adebayo, J. Explaining explanations to society. In Proceedings of the NeurIPS Workshop on Ethical, Social and Governance Issues in AI (2018).

Perceptions of home assistant privacy
What privacy concerns about home voice assistants are reflected in online reviews of those devices?

Fruchter, N., & Liccardi, I. Consumer Attitudes Towards Privacy and Security in Home Assistants. (2018) In Proc. CHI’18 Extended Abstracts.

Online tracking
A web measurement study about privacy regulation and geography. Slides here.

Fruchter, N., Miao, H., Stevenson, S., and Balebako, R. Variations in Tracking in Relation to Geographic Location. (2015) In Proc. W2SP 2015.

Internet mental models
How do users’ understanding of the internet affect privacy and security behavior?
✪ Recipient of IAPP Award.

Kang, R., Dabbish, L., Fruchter, N. and Kiesler, S. “My data just goes everywhere:” User mental models of the Internet and implications for privacy and security. (2015) In Proc. SOUPS 2015.

Mediated decision making
How do people make risky and dehumanizing decisions over telepresence?

Lee, M.K., Fruchter, N. and Dabbish, L. Making decisions from a distance: The impact of technological mediation on riskiness and dehumanization. (2015) In Proc. CSCW’15.

Posters and talks

Malicious redirection in advertising

Fruchter, N. Characterizing Malicious Redirection in the Malvertising Ecosystem. Poster, ACM IMC 2018.

Net neutrality bots case study
✪ Winner: TMP Best Junior Presentation.

Fruchter, N. Security, bots, and governance: civic infrastructure for public participation in the age of the social botnet. Talk at 2018 TMP Graduate Consortium.