The FCC is still getting a lot of automated net neutrality comments

The FCC is still getting a lot of automated net neutrality comments

Part 1 is here:

A quick update: I have pulled down more data, including all comments as of 6PM EDT on May 15th. If you’re feeling adventurous, data about real-vs-automated comparisons are welcome!

We can see that the FCC is still getting hit by the same automated comments (“…unprecedented regulatory power the Obama Administration…”).

There are now roughly 3.5 times more, about 440,000 / 1.48 million total, as compared to 128,000 on May 11th.

Here is an updated version of my heatmap. Compared to May 11th (the last time I gathered data), we can see not much as changed… except there isn’t a large hole around Maryland any more.

Obviously, the magnitude of comments that aren’t automated is still larger, hence the denser heatmap. (Bottom: identical anti net-neutrality comments; top: all others)

The batch posting of comments is also more clear now.

Top: automated comments. Bottom: other comments.

This unconventional scatterplot shows that automated comments were posted in large batches over time. Other comments are distributed more evenly (with the exception of site outages).

Still, crucial questions remain:

1. Who did the filings and why?

2. Where did they acquire the identities used?

3. Did people consent to the use of their identity?

a. Was use of the identities proper or legal?

4. Did the FCC foresee abuse of their comment system?

5. Will the FCC handle the impacts of comment system abuse on their decision making process?